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What is Harmony’s weight loss program about?

This is a natural weight loss program. It means we offer no supplements, vitamin shots, nor packaged meals. We designed our program based on reviews and results of our own clients with our older programs, or their experience with other weight loss programs they have tried before.

We learned that most of the time, the root of the problem is not “I don’t know what to eat or how to cook”. It can even be a stress coping method or just a bad habit. We believe each person needs a unique weight loss approach, so our Program is very custom designed and can vary from person to person.


Why did you decide not to offer weight loss pills, shots or prepared meals?

We observed this after watching hundreds of our clients every month very closely. They had a better success rate when it happened naturally. It also makes sense; no one can stay on delivered food forever. Besides the fact that most of the weight loss pills don’t help, our body has an adaptive mechanism.

This mechanism takes over our system’s natural and will make it weak. Just like when a runner stops training and he/she can’t run as much as before anymore. So, instead, we will use bodies natural ability to boost the metabolism and suppress the appetite. Your personal weight loss coach will teach and integrate some simple steps to approach your weight loss goal without weakening your appetite.


Your weight loss program differs for each individual and I really like that, but, what should I expect on my initial consultation?

We do one-on-one analysis through questionaries and body composition (read more by clicking on the boxes bellow; this option is not available with the online program) to determine the root of your weight management challenges.

Then, we go over your questionaries and analyze the results with you, as well as explain to you what they mean, what constitutes a healthy level, and how that will affect you.

Next, we will:

1.set a fat loss goal for you

2.tell you what we think is the best way to approach it

3.about how long you must be on a diet

Based on our health suggestions, your preference, and your lifestyle, we would set you 7 days, detailed weight loss plan.


How detailed Harmony’s weight loss plans are?

As we mentioned before, we will give you options to pick from what form or type of diet which can be changed from week to week. We would let you know how much carb, fat, protein, fiber and so on and how often to eat. 

This is an example,

day 1 /

breakfast: have item A and B or C (*),

snacks (*),

lunch (*),


day 2/ and so on.


Is it weekly based? How often do I get a follow up with my weight loss coach?

You can contact your coach whenever you have a question or want a little support. Also, your follow-ups will depend on how often you would like to have a one (our recommendation is weekly follow-ups).


What should I expect on my follow up visit?

You would come back in a week, to get scanned and to set a new 7 days’ plan. Your personal coach would explain your results. You would talk about your barriers (what made your diet hard at times) and encouragements (what helped you go through with it). Also, how did you feel this week about the process and health wise? While you are losing weight, these scan data and your insight can help you to find out what works the best for you on fat loss and other aspects. Some examples include what suppresses your appetite or what practice helps you stay relaxed to manage your stress if that’s the cause of your weight gain.


Do I have to cook and shop on my own?

The diet plan is all natural, and you will do you own shopping and cooking. We sell no supplements, meals, or injections (our experience doesn’t support that approach). This program is about keeping off the fat you lose, more than just losing fat. So while you are losing that fat, we are analyzing the best method to keep you satisfied with foods that are healthy and nourishing your body.  However, if you need shopping tours or kitchen set up sessions to learn how to optimize both for the best weight loss result, we offer those in private sessions, and you can ask about those from your coach.


 What else do you offer to make my weight loss experience easier?

We also give you good reads, videos and motivation sources to keep you excited and make this easier for you. If you want to exercise, we can suggest videos or pictures. We also offer one-on-one exercise coaching, which is not a part of this plan.


Please let us know if you have any questions or if you would like to make a completely free (no obligation to sign up) consultation appointment by calling 88888-7777-9 or 310-894-6660

  WE Help you stay up to date on the latest weight loss tips and tricks!

Such as what to eat for breakfast to boost your metabolism to keep your metabolism high throughout the day, or what to eat the day before wearing your slightly tight dresses to make you look more fit.