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Quick And Healthy Fixes To Fit Into Your Prom Dress


Fit prom dress

Trying out your dream prom dress and suddenly it won’t fit? That’s one of the biggest nightmare best avoided at all costs (not even close to having your Naked palette shattered in pieces). The pressure is there, pictures are going to last forever and you want to do everything you can to look good in with outfit, and in the pics. Here are some healthy quick fixes that you can do, if you still have at least three weeks to the big night.

A big disclaimer here: this post is not to encourage for you to do crash diets or anything that can put your health in danger. The solutions compiled here is not meant as permanent diet change, nor claimed to be the absolute fix fit prom dress to shed significant weight loss. – the fixes here show how to trim of few inches from your body, purging out extra weight in small steps, or perhaps if your body has been the hitting plateau for some time. Here’s how.

Quick fixes through foodget fit prom dress

Since 70% of your body comes from the diet itself, let’s start with those. Begin with cutting all car sources in half what you usually take, to indirectly force your body into a quick ketosis state (similar principles to Atkins and ketogenic diets) – which will make your body burn up stored fat for fuel. To compensate, top up with healthy food choices of protein, fats, fibers, as well as vitamins and minerals – the good stuff.

A hack that you can do is to have it the form of salads or soups to make it fill the stomach.

While we’re on the fit prom dress, leave out not so good stuff altogether at the instant until the big night. That means sugar, salts (causes your body to keep excess water – that’s where the extra weight is!), and foods that are acidic, to make sure your body detox itself as efficiently as they can.

Quick fixes through fluidsfit prom dress before losing weight

Yep, with fluids it means water. Plain water is important as 70% of our body itself composed of water. H2O helps your body to purge out waste efficiently, helps the organ to work in top condition, as well as satisfying hunger pangs ( after all its fit prom dress) at first signal, due to dehydration. If you’re not into plain water, mix it up with a couple of fruits and sweet veggies to make it tasty, satisfying, and certainly healthy.

Incorporate green tea to boost your metabolism rate (even when resting) so you’ll burn fat effortlessly. Drink at largest three cups a day (morning, after lunch, and in the evening) and you add infusions of ginger and or alfalfa to boost detoxify rate even further.

Quick fixes through habits

Include regular workout routine to speed up weight loss rate and choose any activities that you enjoy and suitable to your current fitness level, as long as it makes you sweat and happy. Try dancing, Pilates, hiking, or even walking at a brisk pace – it’s better and sitting around scrolling through Snapchat so just get moving and be in shape ready for the prom night.

how to get fit prom dress and lose weight for prom

Try out one or two of these quick fixes to fit prom dress and you’ll notice you’ll look slimmer than a few weeks ago. A word of warning though, you just gotta keep sticking through it as these fixes require consistency to make it work. Done right, you’ll be able to fit in your dream dress, and look positively happy and healthy for the night. If you have any question call Harmony wellness center for a quick consult, 1-888-887-7779.