What is West Los Angeles Reformer Pilates goal?

West Los Angeles Reformer Pilates goal is to strengthen your core, enhance your posture, improve your balance. pilates also lowers tension that gravity puts on your spine. Because it stimulates your neck and back postural muscles and breaking your bad habits.

In West Los Angeles Pilates classes, We use different pilates modalities. Such as (Mat Pilates, Reformer Pilates, and Cadillac Pilates). By mix and matching these modalities, we can address your goal easier.

Whether you want to use pilates to rehab after an injury, stretch your stiff joints, enhance your strength training or simply a change to bring some excitement in your weekly workout routines. We can help you address your questions and goals.

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Nowadays, athletes, exercise enthusiasts, and professional dancers who wish to strengthen their muscles and increase their range of motion use Pilates classes. Since Reformer Pilates classes also help to improve your stabilization, endurance and muscle strength. Hence, this is a safe, easy and still efficient method to reach their goal in a short amount of time.  

Mat Pilates vs. Reformer Pilates

Mat Pilates classes are done on a mat. exercises that can be done on mat are often limited. Also, It is hard to modify it for people with different level or anyone with injuries.

Reformer Pilates classes use your own bodies weight and have a variety of exercises. It is easy to adjust it for your level with decreasing and increasing the weights.

The Mat Pilates classes in West Los Angeles focuses more on the core. West Los Angeles Reformer Pilates Classes are for rehabbing, strengthening, stretching, and it uses the entire body.

What is a Reformer Machine?

A reformer machine includes a big frame that has a cushioned carriage and springs. Pilates carriage uses Pilates wheels handles and straps to move back and forth. The number and intensity of the springs attached to a reformer depend on the level of resistance that is needed. And we use the springs based on the need and strength of your own muscles.

You are either sitting or lay on the carriage. This means you are carrying your own body weight while moving the carriage. The springs are to add a percentage of your own body weight. This is the reason that Pilates is very safe, especially for someone with an injury.

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Benefits of Pilates –
West Los Angeles Reformer Pilates

If You are on the fence about adding Pilates to your normal exercise routine. Lets talk about some of benefits of Pilates.

  • Increases muscle strength
  • Boosts cognitive health and ability
  • Increases a person’s flexibility
  • Improves overall posture
  • Improved range of motion
  • Help reduce stress levels considerably